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Skangix Development Limited is a fully indigenous limited liability company incorporated in 2001 under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We are committed to providing clients with quality, cost effective and innovative Geological and Engineering Services.

The Company’s focus is on total client satisfaction by providing high quality and cost effective services to oil and gas industries across her areas of specialization. We have built a reputable standard over the years from our vast knowledge, technical competence, team work and project management strategy. Our understanding of performance and experience in our service area has been a sustaining index for our consistent growth in the industry.

Our project management team has, over time, built great confidence stemming from high profile job execution and delivery across asset evaluation, reservoir characterization, static geocellular modelling, dynamic simulation and reservior engineering in offshore Niger Delta, offshore Angola, offshore Ireland, North Sea, Central and South America, Croatia and Canada.

Skangix has investments in Energia Limited, a Marginal Field Operator in Nigeria, and in technical partnership with Intelligent Flow Solutions Limited , a Service/Consultancy outfit, providing specialist engineering services through the deployment of unique propriety software products.

Our combined synergy brings to the client a comprehensive range of services covering engineering studies/design, geological and geophysical studies and services, project management, capacity building/competency training and laboratory services.

G & G Services


A complete understanding of the hydrocarbon system of a sedimentary basin starts with regional and basin-scale analysis of the sub-surface. We offer basin-scale analysis and regional studies covering all aspects of petroleum systems analysis.

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Field Development Studies


  • Dynamic simulation
  • Well Planning
  • Reservoir Engineering

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Sample Administration


Exploration for oil involves various indirect methods of making projections or assumptions on the viability of prospects. Well samples, either as core or ditch cuttings, though expensive, remain one of the direct ways of achieving both visual and mental ground truth on prospects prognosis earlier made on site.

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Mudlogging & Well Sitting


Our technical expertise in mudlogging services spans many years of involvement in both onshore and offshore fields in Niger Delta. We supervise & QC data from mudlogging, MWD/LWD, wire-line logging, coring activities, pore pressure prediction etc.

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Training & Capacity Building


We train the trainers, and our team of seasoned stratigraphers, seismic interpreters, petrophysicists, goemodellers and sedimentologists with extended experience have proved invaluable in the capacity building of our various clients.

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